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Social Activity

Friends, engineering is not meant to be a burden or stress. We all need some stress busting. And at Veerayatan we just mix the right proportion of studies and fun by organising various student activities to bring out the talents that each one of us possess, so that each one of us when stands in front of the canvas of the world, paints the brightest shades and creates a masterpiece...!!!

On every Saturdays and Sundays various activities like audio visual quizzes, picture perception, elocution competitions, debates and much more are held after college hours; so that your weekends remain worthwhile..!!

Also Veerayatan organises various sports and cultural events to enhance the abilities of students and make them excel in all the spheres. “Euphoria” - the biggest sports event of Kutch was held at Veerayatan and students gave a great show of their immense physical stamina as well as mind power in numerous indoor and outdoor games. And the faculty had contributed greatly in making the event successful and encouraging students at every required moment.

“Jashnn” is the annual cultural meet where the talent is unleashed, stars are risen, and there’s an exhibition of gripping performances that leaves the guests mesmerised!